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Aluminium Windows

We provide aluminium window solutions for every type of project at Saxon Windows.

Aluminium Doors

You have certainly arrived in the right place if you are in search of aluminium doors in the UK!

Upvc Windows

For some heavy-duty plumbing and drainage applications, uPVC is used instead of cast iron.

Upvc doors

We offer a wide selection of elegant and beautiful double-glazed uPVC doors made to measure.

Upvc doors


We offer a wide selection of elegant and beautiful double-glazed uPVC doors made to measure. It is a privilege for us to assist you in selecting the best external diy uPVC doors and double glazed windows for your home. There is no other uPVC door company that can provide you with a better standard and specification of external uPVC doors at such a competitive price.

In comparison to external composite doors, our high quality and highly secure DIY double glazed uPVC doors start from just £379 inc. VAT. You are sure to find the perfect DIY double glazed door for your home online at the UK's largest online collection of double glazed doors.

We have many more styles of double glazed front doors and uPVC back doors to choose from if you cannot locate what you are looking for online. Please feel free to contact us via e-mail or telephone at [PHONE], and we will do our best to ensure you receive the best possible bespoke double glazed uPVC door for your home.

UPVC Sliding Patio Doors

Upvc doors London


Our front door is secured by a Yale multipoint locking system that has been developed to be Secure By Design, ensuring that it will deter intruders. A variety of styles and colours are available for our uPVC front doors and do not require painting in order to maintain their appearance. The installation of upvc front doors by our experienced installers is provided without a deposit, or for supply only customers in London.

It may be necessary to replace existing side panels or top lights along with your upvc door in some cases. We offer side panels or top lights that are available in various finishes to complement our doors and frames. Our double-glazed windows are designed to limit heat loss, and our Upvc doors are sealed with Q-Lon weatherseals to completely eliminate draughts. All of London is served by our delivery and installation services.

Upvc door suppliers near London


With our superior double glazed doors, your home will be enhanced with a touch of luxury and your guests will be pleasantly surprised.

We offer both traditional and contemporary designs and are acclaimed for delivering a high standard to our clients. As such a beautiful selection is available, we are certain to have one that corresponds to your style and preference. Creating welcoming exteriors for our customers' homes is one of our greatest passions.

If you would like additional information, please contact us or use our online quote calculator to receive a tailored quote. We are very pleased to hear from you.

aluminium door for your home

Upvc Front doors


With a wide range of beautiful DIY external upvc front doors, our company offers you the perfect choice to complement your home and existing double glazing.

You will find an attractive replacement UPVC front door for your home by visiting Just Doors UK, in a choice of white or light oak or rosewood, or you can combine both white and light oak or rosewood on the outside, with your choice of elegant furniture to complete the look.

In addition to reinforcement panels, toughened Pilkington 'K' glass and a multi-point locking system, all our Upvc front doors come standard with strengthened panels. This ensures the security of your family and home. Additional security can be achieved through hook locks and shoot bolts.

Upvc Front doors London


Our company is one of the leading uPVC and composite door specialists in the United Kingdom. Since our network of installers covers the entire London area, we will always be able to provide you with an installer to meet your requirements.

As a result of personal experience, we know how frustrating having a double glazing salesman in your home for hours trying to obtain a supposed better deal can be.

Therefore, we are going to provide you with our pricing up front so you know precisely what you will be charged.

At Saxon Windows, we make an effort to provide you with all the assistance and advice you need in choosing the right door in a friendly and unhurried manner.

In addition to high quality doors, (whether it be a Composite Door, a uPVC Door, or a Rockdoor), we also provide professional installation with a guarantee of ten years for your complete peace of mind.

black front double glazed upvc doors for your homes

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London Upvc Front doors


The appearance of your London home will be greatly enhanced by the front door. The experts at Saxon Windows can assist you with any color, design, or glass requirement you may have.

Our company takes great pride in supplying and installing a range of attractive, charming, and charismatic front doors throughout London. Saxon Windows explains why we are the leading choice for front doors in London this month.

We would like to give a little background about ourselves before discussing the various types of doors we offer and our commitment to providing excellent customer service across London.

Our company, Saxon Windows, is London's leading provider of uPVC entrance doors and composite entrance doors. In addition to our dedication to our customers, we also pride ourselves on repeat business, which indicates that our prices are competitive, and the quality of our work is high. Moreover, our in-house team of professional doors specialists is committed to providing tailored customer service.

Upvc back doors


Upvc back doors are available from £369 inc VAT and are made to measure with double glazed units. With a four lock system, a steel reinforced upvc frame and mdf reinforced panels as standard, and a profile system that never rots, warps, or fades in color, we help keep your home secure and safe. You can order a wide range of external DIY upvc back doors online right now.

We manufacture our external back doors using lead-free upvc, the Pilkington KS glass system and a multi-chambered profile, offering high thermal efficiency and energy savings while maintaining strength and security, while guaranteeing you of the highest standards.

The UPVC back doors come in a variety of colours, including white, rosewood and light oak, as well as high quality hardware options and Pilkington obscure glazing designs, which complete this great looking product.

Upvc back doors London


Modern uPVC back doors are designed specifically for security, making them one of the most important parts of your home. This is why the team at Saxon Windows have been so dedicated to acquiring the skills and materials required for the perfect installation.

Saxon Windows uPVC Profile is the same profile used in the manufacture of our other uPVC products. Designed to meet PAS 24:2012 standards in a lead-free framework, the stunning products are available in various styles to meet your exact specifications. Our excellent garden doors will enhance the character of your home.

We also discuss in our blog sections the main causes of Condensation in double glazing and Double glazing u value, as well as the solutions that can help you prevent or eliminate it.

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London Upvc back doors


Compared to minimum building standards, our back doors are considerably more efficient, and you will receive a weathertight, reliable installation when you have them installed by us. This way, your home will be protected against the wind, rain, and cold, saving you some money in the process.

You will see a significant reduction in your energy bill when you replace an old or drafty back door. You will also be pleased with how much more comfortable your home will feel following the installation of a new door, as old and drafty doors leave cold spots in the rear of the home.

black Back Double upvc Doors

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Upvc sliding doors


Having been in the sliding door industry for many years, we understand the importance of security, so our sliding doors are fitted with the finest locks and hardware available. Glass has even been toughened as a standard option to provide a more secure option.

Upon closing the patio sliding doors and fully engaging the locking mechanism with the key in the lock position, the sliding doors track is secured at multiple points. A number of bolts are positioned on the top and bottom of the frame, as well as hooks and rollers that lock the doors together.

It is necessary to maintain sliding doors in the UK in order for them to function properly. Fortunately, our uPVC sliding doors require minimal maintenance. Clean the track once a month with a wipe and apply a small amount of oil to the runners.

Upvc sliding doors London


It is our team of vetted and qualified double glazing tradespeople operating in Holloway that are fully trained to install sliding doors in homes throughout North London with the least amount of household disruption and dirt. For homes in Holloway and across North London, it is our priority to provide high quality double glazed Upvc sliding door solutions.


A wide range of colour finishes and glazing options are available with our aluminium and Upvc sliding doors in Holloway, to ensure you get the look you desire. You can always rely on us for expert design consultation wherever you reside in Holloway or elsewhere in North London. Our team of experts will advise you on all the glazing design patterns to ensure the privacy of your home.

London Upvc sliding doors


We provide a 10-year no-questions-asked guarantee on all TaylorGlaze Upvc sliding doors in Holloway, and all our sliding doors are fully intruder-proof.

Is your property in North London in need of new or upgraded Upvc sliding doors? The double glazing professionals at Saxon Windows specialize in the supply and installation of Upvc sliding doors throughout North London and the surrounding area.

Our full range of Upvc double glazed sliding doors available in Holloway offer countless benefits, including reduction in noise pollution, improved insulation and energy efficiency, as well as high security locks that ensure your safety at home.

Saxon windows specialize in all types of double glazing windows and doors throughout North London, East London, West London, South London, North West, South East, and South West of London.

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Upvc stable doors


Stable doors made from UPVC provide a practical solution by allowing the top half of the door to be opened whilst the lower half remains closed - as well as the option of opening both segments as one door.

Stable doors made from UPVC are ideal for families who wish to monitor children playing outdoors or to keep pets safe inside, or for monitoring arrivals and departures from a property. The half-door panels are either solid or glazed. The locking system ensures maximum security.

upvc french doors with side oopening windows

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Upvc stable doors London


So you are interested in a new stable back door! You've come to the right place if you are searching for a stable door that is of high quality, secure and low maintenance.

We offer a complete 10 year manufacturer's guarantee on all of our upvc stable doors, including the glass. We currently have a number of delighted homeowners who have provided feedback regarding our coloured upvc stable doors uk. You may wish to read some of these right here.

In comparison to older timber stable doors, our pvc stable doors uk provide greater energy efficiency.

London Upvc stable doors


Our made to measure UPVC stable doors feature stunning aesthetics, high quality locks which are burglar proof as standard, and enhanced weather-sealing and frame fitting, all of which ensure that they become a welcome addition to your property.

Stable doors are ideal for families with small children and pets as the top half can be opened and the bottom remained closed, providing a safe and secure environment for your little ones and pet without compromising on ventilation.

You have certainly landed in the right place if you are looking for UPVC stable doors UK. Find our selection of exterior stable doors online today!

Upvc double doors


This range of doors is available in a variety of finishes and foil colours and features a single or double door. These French doors are fitted with uPVC hooklocks by MACO, providing the latest level of security. A matching finish is provided on all furniture from Fab n Fix, including handles, letterboxes, and any adjoining casement handles.

We offer uPVC French double doors which are highly energy efficient and feature technologically advanced weather seals that minimise heat loss and keep the worst of the weather at bay, which will automatically reduce your heating bills. French uPVC double doors as well as uPVC single doors are available from us.

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Upvc double doors London


Our uPVC French doors are made from Liniar, which are tested for wind and water tightness, hardness and softness as well as cycle and cyclical performance.

LINIAR's patented multi-chambered, energy efficient profile is used to manufacture our French doors. Our uPVC French doors will keep you protected against the elements no matter the weather.

4 Pane Bifold Doors in UK
London Upvc double doors


Choosing a door from our extensive range of double glazed doors provides the opportunity to create something that is truly customized to your home and your tastes.

There are a number of attractive designs available for both the uPVC and composite doors in our range, all of which can be tailored to suit your individual tastes, including the option to select from a wide range of colours and woodgrain finishes. Decorative glazing options are also available to complete your door in a manner that is most suitable for you.

Choose from a range of door hardware options, including traditional decorative pieces and more contemporary or practical choices. The selection is excellent!

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