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We provide aluminium window solutions for every type of project at Saxon Windows.

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You have certainly arrived in the right place if you are in search of aluminium doors in the UK!

Upvc Windows

For some heavy-duty plumbing and drainage applications, uPVC is used instead of cast iron.

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We offer a wide selection of elegant and beautiful double-glazed uPVC doors made to measure.

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Double glazing West London


When the British weather becomes unpredictable, certain properties in West London can be somewhat vulnerable, particularly as the temperature begins to drop. Householders who continue to rely on their old draughty and leaky windows are at greater risk as these windows lack the energy efficiency that is necessary to maintain comfortable temperature levels in their homes.

I believe that it makes much more sense to have Saxon Windows replace all or some of the old windows since they offer energy-rated windows in double glazed UPVC and aluminium. I would like to ask, however, why? Thermally efficient products are a significant factor in the insulation of West London properties, which means that by installing them you are able to reduce your energy bills and reduce carbon emissions.

Double glazing installed in West London

West London double glazing


We offer energy rated UPVC and aluminium double-glazed windows and doors, that not only keep out drafts, but also ensure that any heat generated in each home is kept inside for long periods of time. Thus, UK house holders are able to reduce their dependence on their heating systems, resulting in a much cleaner and greener home and surrounding environment in West London.

Saxon Windows provides high quality double glazed windows for both residential and commercial properties. It is possible to be assured that your choice of energy-efficient windows will provide greater comfort in your home. Moreover, they provide further peace of mind on your investment by ensuring that your windows are covered by a full year warranty in the event they fail in West London.

Double glazing company West London


In West London, including Hammersmith and Barnet, Everglade offers a comprehensive range of double glazing products. Whether you require window replacements, doors or a complete house of double glazed windows, we can assist you in making the best choice for your home.

Saxon Windows provides a complete range of secure and energy-efficient double glazed windows and doors.

There are a number of energy efficient window frames that can be selected from, including aluminium, UPVC and timber alternatives.

Besides composite doors, we also provide French doors and sliding patio doors.

Double glazing West London installed aluminium windows

Window companies West London


We offer quality double glazing windows and doors in West London and our experienced team of engineers will install your home improvement with the utmost care and to the highest standards. Our West London sales representative will be able to discuss all the available options with you if you are unsure of what you are looking for. Are you still unsure? Then come and take a look at our main showroom.

Get a fast, friendly and no-obligation quotation from us by calling [PHONE] or contacting us via the contact form.

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Windows and doors West London


Timber casement, sash, and sliding windows and doors offer you energy efficiency while also adding value to your property for many years to come. The key focus of our company is on bespoke joinery, with a special focus on beautiful traditional sliding box sash windows and substantial solid timber doors.

Being the London exclusive agents for Slimlite Double Glazing, we provide a service no other joiner in West London can provide - supplying your home with beautiful, energy-efficient windows and doors.

We also discuss in our blog sections the main causes of double glazing Condensation and U value Double glazing, as well as the solutions that can help you prevent or eliminate it.

Double glazing installed at West London

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