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Aluminium Windows

We provide aluminium window solutions for every type of project at Saxon Windows.

Aluminium Doors

You have certainly arrived in the right place if you are in search of aluminium doors in the UK!

Upvc Windows

For some heavy-duty plumbing and drainage applications, uPVC is used instead of cast iron.

Upvc doors

We offer a wide selection of elegant and beautiful double-glazed uPVC doors made to measure.

Aluminium doors


With a range of contemporary panels to choose from, aluminium entrance doors provide a contemporary look and feel to your residence. An aluminum front or rear door with stainless steel trim serves as a sound investment for years to come. Our company also offers aluminium commercial doors.

The aluminium doors in our range are among the most recent additions to our product line. Aluminium doors are high quality and constructed with a slim frame. They are available with either full glazing or partial glazing as a standard.

With a range of stylish and functional aluminium residential doors, our range will enhance the look and feel of your home instantly.

You have certainly arrived in the right place if you are in search of aluminium doors in the UK!

aluminium door for your home

Aluminium doors London


Saxon Windows are constructed from one of the strongest materials available. Buildings all over the world use aluminium for its inherent weather-proofing and durability. The frames can be powder-coated rapidly and efficiently. They are also remarkably easy to customize.

In addition to these capabilities, modern aluminium doors feature low U-values, high thermal efficiency, surprising light weight and customisable frameworks. Two amazing profiles to choose from will leave you spoilt for choice. It is possible to learn more about each product's features and benefits by scrolling down below.

London aluminium doors


We appreciate that timber is not necessarily the preferred material for everyone. We take great care to offer a wide range of products so as to cater to the wide variety of tastes throughout London. Aluminum doors may not have the aesthetic appeal of timber, but they offer strength, durability and excellent resistance.

With its natural strength, you will be able to achieve slim profiles, less framing, and more glass. We offer aluminium and timber products in a wide array of finishes, so we are able to satisfy the tastes of nearly everyone.

We encourage you to reach out to our specialists if Saxon Windows would be an ideal choice for your home. You can reach us on [PHONE] to get started with your project. We have many years' experience in the home improvement industry. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, and we hope you will take advantage of our subject knowledge.

Double glazing North West London for commercial

Aluminium bifold doors


Our aluminium folding doors are a new addition to our range. Aluminum bi-folding sliding doors are rapidly becoming the choice of both homeowners and contractors alike. The most popular colour on the popularity list is anthracite grey aluminium bifold doors.

In contrast to upvc bifold doors, aluminium bifold doors come with a very slim central sight line of only 132mm, giving them a rather modern and sleek appearance. Bifold white aluminium doors are in stock and tend to ship in a few days, so just select ‘aluminum' from the material column above, and get started customizing!

While we are a supplier only company, we do work with trusted installers. Please visit our Saxon windows and doors store for more information.

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Aluminium sliding doors


The Saxon windows and doors can easily deal with large door leaf sizes, maximizing the glass area for a wider and clearer view.

This sliding door uses a Lift and Slide action, which means that the doors open and close upon contact with the track in the closed position. This allows for better thermal and weather resistance than other sliding door systems. The device also permits the sliding doors to be stopped at any point along the track, which provides flexibility and allows the doors to be partially open. With the high quality running gear, your door will open and close effortlessly for many years to come.

The aluminium sections are strong, low maintenance, and offer excellent thermal conductivity. This aluminium sliding door has a heat reduction coefficient of 1.6 Wm2K and goes beyond current Building Regulations, making it future-proof.

According to the size of the door that you require, it can have a double track or a triple track, 2 to 6 panels, and a 70mm door thickness. A 28mm thick double glazed unit with argon gas is used in these aluminium sliding doors.

4 Panel aluminium Sliding Door

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Aluminium composite doors


We provide our clients with Aluminum Composite Entrance / Front Doors that meet the highest industry standards. With an outstanding combination of design, engineering, style, and security while retaining excellent energy efficiency and safety.

Spitfire Doors, a UK based manufacturer of aluminium composite doors, provide all of our doors. We offer a wide range of customisation options and integrated technology, which enable you to create a door that reflects your personal style and complements your home.

Composite doors have a greater security level than UPVC doors when compared. Composite doors are thicker and stronger. Therefore, they are far better protected against attempted break-ins. Aluminium composite doors are equipped with high-security multipoint locks, which further increase their resistance to burglary attempts. Security is achieved by design, which is the preferred method of protecting a home according to the police.

Aluminium patio doors


We provide a variety of sliding patio doors including those with single or dual tracks as well as those with triple tracks that allow the panels to slide behind one another for a much wider opening. Moreover, the 'Lift & Slide' gearing is available to allow all panels to slide for flexibility.

With Visoglide Plus terrace doors, the glass panels are wider than the ones available in bifold doors, resulting in more natural light entering the room.  The sliding panels of a three panel triple track patio door provide an effective opening of almost two thirds of its total opening, since they neatly stack one behind the other.

Aluminium front doors


When you select the best aluminium front doors for your property, you furnish it with a durable, secure, and extremely attractive product. At the same time, however, these products do not need to be extremely expensive. We describe in this article the main features of aluminum front doors, their construction and the various looks you can achieve. The company also offers suggestions as to who we believe is the best manufacturer of aluminium entrance doors.

Of the many items involved in a home improvement project, the entryway is typically the last one to be completed.  The composite door is an excellent option for a front door which is both cost-effective and of high quality. Some of the best aluminum entry doors offer all the benefits of a composite door with additional features and benefits.

It is important to consider the construction and design of an aluminum front door when selecting it for your home. The construction of aluminium doors can be divided into three main types.

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Aluminium bifold doors London


It is important to us that the design is aesthetic and the finish is polished. This project is always focused on what you desire and what your home requires, so we will not make it a stressful ordeal by chasing you for sales and requiring you to handle the project alone. Please read on for more information on how we can make this process as simple as possible.

A project like this often begins with a bang and ends with a bang. Your idea is presented to a trader, and the deal is stuck when the trader rushes in with inflated prices and requires you to sign on the dotted line. There will be no such action taken. We understand what it is like to be on the other side of the table.

If you are interested in knowing how much the installation will cost, we will come by and arrange the details, but we will not overstay our welcome. We will not attempt to 'lock you in' to a purchase at that moment. We will not attempt to solicit sales from you. You take care of it, we will go away and prepare the plan, and we will provide you with the final quote.

4 Pane Bifold Doors in UK

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London Aluminium bifold doors


As aluminium is both strong and corrosion-free, this material is an excellent choice for bi-fold doors. A combination of its strength and resistance to corrosion, vandalism and fire damage makes Aluminium a very durable and long-lasting material. As a result, it is used in space rockets and aeroplanes. We are able to produce aluminium doors with narrow profiles because the strength of aluminum allows us to produce these doors with maximum visibility and maximum natural light into the room.

Our aluminum bi-fold doors are extremely thermally efficient, with thermal breaks placed to keep the heat inside and the cold outside when the doors are closed, which is perfect for those who wish to reduce their energy consumption. Aluminium is also referred to as a 'green metal' as a result of its strength, longevity, and the ease with which it can be recycled, so it is ideal for the environmentally conscious.

Aluminium sliding doors London


Architects, homeowners, business owners, and property developers can benefit from Saxon Windows' line of slimline aluminium sliding doors. All of our slim designs will enhance the appearance of your London property. Explore our range of aluminium sliding doors to learn more about their benefits and find the right products for your requirements and architectural projects.

If you request Saxon Windows to install ultra slim sliding doors in London or across the UK, you will benefit from increased light, improved access and better ventilation. For more information about our architectural sliding door systems, please select one of the ranges below.

London Aluminium sliding doors


We offer sliding glass door systems with impressive design features and outstanding energy efficiency. Each product features the maximum amount of glazing for a stunning architectural impact, while providing unrestricted views of your outdoor spaces. Our beautifully engineered designs will transform your living space. The pinnacle of this design is our new generation aluminium sliding door system: the Saxon Windows, offering virtually no sightlines. Moreover, the Saxon windows and doors 80 provides you with the best thermal efficiencies whilst allowing large panels of glass to be moved smoothly across the widest of elevations.

You can choose among our range of sliding patio doors whether you have beautiful views of the countryside or a city view of London. They are an ideal way to add value and aesthetic appeal to any home. Slimline sliding doors from Saxon Windows are designed to suit a wide range of property styles, offering outstanding features that will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home significantly.

Saxon windows specialize in all types of double glazing windows and doors throughout North London, East London, West London, South London, North West, South East, and South West of London.

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Aluminium composite doors London


We offer a wide range of composite doors that are energy-efficient so that you will never have to worry about drafts. Reduce your energy bills while at the same time keeping unwanted noise out.

This is an extremely strong and durable door made from a variety of materials, with a polymer frame and insulating foam core for protection from cold weather and severe weather.

Although our headquarters are located in London, we are available to travel to you. View the areas we work in to determine whether we can install in your neighborhood. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We would love to be a part of your next project.

black Back Double upvc Doors

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London Aluminium composite doors


Saxon Windows provides entrance doors that will enhance your home or office in North London, East London, West London, South London or transform a customer's property anywhere in the United Kingdom. This product is produced to a precise specification in our factory in Chingford, which also houses a showroom. You will find the finest composite, wooden, aluminum, PVC, and steel doors here, all sourced from the best manufacturers in the business.

Each job is treated individually, and we will visit your home or business as needed in order to answer your questions, get measurements, and show you samples of what we can provide you. Once your door is manufactured in our factory in Chingford, we then return to your premises for installation.

Aluminium patio doors London


Aluminium patio doors have become more and more popular in recent years due to their strength, durability, and aesthetic features. In terms of performance and aesthetics, aluminum sliding doors strike the right balance. With slim sightlines and a sleek design, aluminium patio doors will make a great addition to your home.

Aluminium patio doors can be used to increase the access to your outdoor space or to separate large rooms in your home to make the space brighter and provide more light. Aluminum sliding doors can be installed on any type of property, whether it is new or old, modern or traditional. They can be easily operated and create a stunning addition to any room.

London Aluminium patio doors


Keeping our aluminium patio doors in optimum condition all year round is only a matter of wiping them down with a damp cloth. Aluminum is a more resistant material to the elements than other materials such as plastic, wood or uPVC. It won't rot, warp, or discolor over time.

Our aluminum patio doors in Surrey provide a lovely focal point to your home, allowing in natural sunlight while creating the illusion of more space. Aluminium sliding doors can provide unobstructed views of the garden or outdoor space due to more glass than frame.

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Aluminium front doors London


Even though the material may not have initially caught your attention, aluminium is an excellent choice.

Highly customizable, extremely stable, and ideal for large openings due to their ability to remain dimensionally stable at higher temperatures. Essentially, this means that regardless of the weather, they will still be able to open and close smoothly.

As opposed to other exterior doors, aluminum doors provide you with the ability to cut large hinges or joints. Plus, it will not rot! The material can be easily maintained, and it is, in the majority of cases, 100% recyclable.

The range of colours and finishes available to you means that the metallic image in your head could not be further from reality. If you would like a complete description of all the technical details, we have brochures available.

bi fold doors for london houses

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London Aluminium front doors


Saxon Windows are designed specifically to fulfil the needs of businesses and commercial establishments across all market sectors while delivering low cost, strength and reliability, and can be customized according to the needs of any project. These Commercial Entrance Doors are designed for agricultural, industrial and commercial use and require the least amount of maintenance.

Saxon windows and doors are an attractive and cost-effective solution for anyone who desires a door that is both secure and easy to operate, and can be operated manually or on the fly with remote controls.

Saxon Windows has the products, expertise and craftsmanship to provide the solution you require, regardless of the nature of your business premises needs. If your business premises require security, ease of access, reliable operation with a variety of controls and finishes, Saxon Windows has the business solution you require.

Grey aluminium doors


We offer an extensive range of doors with a wide range of colors available, including anthracite grey aluminum doors.

Our residential aluminium front doors come complete with a ten-year warranty, making them the ideal choice for updating the look and feel of your residence. Furthermore, they make an excellent investment due to their durability and growing popularity.

White aluminium doors


We recommend considering our white, thermally broken aluminium bifold range if you are interested in adding bifold doors to your home. Due to its high conductivity, aluminium bifold doors will help keep your property warm. However, contrary to popular belief, aluminium bifold doors will not become too warm to touch and won't allow too much heat into the house during the warmer months. In addition to being thermally broken, our aluminium bifold doors contain an insulation system (insulating strips) within the frame. It is designed to prevent heat loss through the doors and entry of cold air. Therefore, they make excellent insulators, suitable for use regardless of the season.

Using a white frame gives your home a modern, clean appearance that complements the design of most windows and doors. However, as opposed to UPVC, the design is more sturdy and durable. Alumnium bifold doors also feature multi-point locking systems, which offer enhanced security.

Black aluminium doors


There are a variety of colours available for our aluminium doors. If you are looking for white aluminium doors or black aluminium doors, you have certainly arrived at the right place.

The door is also available in other colors, so you can choose one that matches the existing exterior decor of your house. The aluminium entrance doors that we offer are all finished to the highest standard. They are also weather proof.

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Grey aluminium windows


Aluminium is one of the most stylish building materials. Besides its stunning styling and toughness, aluminium can be moulded to create sleek sightlines, making it a ideal material to house large expanses of glass. Glass in windows and bifold doors allows more light to pass through, which makes the interior feel spacious and full of light. This chic grey powder-coated finish makes it even more sophisticated.

White aluminium windows


The simplest windows will always remain popular, but sometimes a little more flair is nice in the glass. A leaded finish adds a little character to the windows and gives them a bit of distinction. The black stone surrounds of this Tudor-styled home really compliment the white-leaded windows. It is no less enchanting from the inside, either, and the authentic hardware attached to them is no less charming.

Black aluminium windows


There was a lot of potential in this barn in Kent countryside. The property was dilapidated after being vacant for several years. So once the new owners acquired the property, a four-month restoration process quickly started. Our curtain walling had to be installed into huge openings on the front and rear of the house that were knocked through during the construction of the house.

A couple was uncertain about the color. After seeing many installations in Kent of RAL 7016 Anthracite grey aluminium, they were initially quite confident about this colour. There are still some samples in our showroom in Vulcan Black, one of our new Smart Sensations colors, however. It was decided that they would go with the Vulcan Black color instead.

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