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Aluminium Windows

We provide aluminium window solutions for every type of project at Saxon Windows.

Aluminium Doors

You have certainly arrived in the right place if you are in search of aluminium doors in the UK!

Upvc Windows

For some heavy-duty plumbing and drainage applications, uPVC is used instead of cast iron.

Upvc doors

We offer a wide selection of elegant and beautiful double-glazed uPVC doors made to measure.

Upvc windows


Under normal weather conditions, uPVC will not change shape, but it may be reshaped when elevated temperatures are present. Compared to windows with wooden or metal frames, uPVC windows are more energy-efficient. In addition to door frames and conservatories, uPVC can be used for window frames and balconies.

In construction, uPVC is used as a substitute for wood, for example, in double-glazed window frames and sills. It is also used in vinyl siding in the United Kingdom. The material is versatile and can be manufactured in a wide variety of colors or made to appear as other materials. For some heavy-duty plumbing and drainage applications, uPVC is used instead of cast iron.

It is not common for PVC to be used for window frames, although certain manufacturers may use the term "PVC" to refer to their uPVC windows. For window frames, uPVC is used instead since it does not decompose and is weather resistant.

aluminium windows installed for your homes in uk

Upvc windows London


Providing you with the highest quality double glazing, our family-owned and operated business is here to help you. No matter if it requires a simple facelift or a complete renovation, we can install our uPVC windows. Using these designs will ensure a more comfortable living environment throughout the year and a more cost-effective way to live.

Several London areas don't have modern uPVC windows and double glazing, so many homes lack the latest advancements. Here at Saxon Windows we aim to change that, enabling you to renovate your property with our high-quality uPVC windows.

Saxon Windows is based in United Kingdom, and we provide services in the greater London area. The fact that we are locally owned gives us an advantage on the market, as our knowledge of local architecture makes us adept at choosing products that compliment your property.

A uPVC window installed by our team will not only bring a stylish look to your home, but also improve its performance.

Upvc windows near London


London properties are available in a broad range of architectural styles, which is why we offer a selection of uPVC windows to complement the look of your home. Whether your residence is contemporary or traditional, we are capable of accommodating. Each of our styles incorporates modern materials and designs that ensure high performance, energy efficiency and security.

Whatever your style and whatever your vision for your home, we are certain to have a uPVC window that matches. The final aesthetic of your windows can also be tailored to match your home's style with a wide range of colors and finishes. Colors and finishes are applied with a durable coating that ensures that they maintain their vibrancy for a long period of time.

UPVC Panoramic Windows

Upvc sash windows


The team at Saxon Windows is dedicated to helping you make your home look beautiful with the best windows available. We manufacture and supply uPVC sliding sash windows throughout the UK and export them internationally. Contrary to many suppliers, we always provide the best price for all customers - whether they are homeowners or tradespeople.

The wooden sash window has been replicated with the advantages of uPVC. Sash windows also operate in the same manner as traditional box sash windows - both the upper and lower sashes move up and down as standard, and tilt inward for easy cleaning. Moreover, the windows have double glazing and are A-rated for energy efficiency.

We manufacture all of our sliding sash windows bespoke and deliver them to your property "ready for installation". You will not have to worry about your investment as they come with a 10-year warranty.

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Upvc sliding windows


We offer UPVC sliding sash windows as a traditional window style within our UPVC range. In addition, the window is designed in such a manner that you can control your own ventilation requirements. Further, these windows are an excellent value on the market, as well as being a great product. For this reason, the purchase of this window is as simple as pricing your project online and receiving delivery direct to site.

A Upvc sash window is manufactured in the same manner as a wooden sash window. In this way, both the top and bottom sashes can be operated independently. Furthermore, the system is designed to work with a balanced load mechanism. Designed to be worn at any height, the sashes can be adjusted. All of our windows include a tilt function that makes them easy to clean. The window cleaning procedure can therefore be performed safely from the inside of the home.

verticle aluminium sash sliding window

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Upvc casement windows


The windows in your home should complement the architectural details of your house as well as your own sense of style. In accordance with your requirements, our UPVC casement windows are available in top-hung or side-hung configurations and can be ordered in a wide selection of combinations, sizes and colours. The external Georgian bars can be either internal or external and are available in either clean-cut chamfered or decorative sculpted finishes.

Casement windows are the typical UPVC window style found in many homes throughout the UK. The door is hinged either on the top or the side, so that it can open or close. It has a sleek and simple design, making it suitable for most types of properties. UPVC double glazed windows optimize the natural light in your home while reducing your heating bills with their A++ energy efficiency rating. A popular window system offered by Saxon Windows and Doors.

Upvc Hung windows


If you have top-hung uPVC windows, have you noticed drafts around the sides and bottom? If you need to adjust the screws inside the uPVC frame, you may do so later. However, how does one adjust a window whose outer frame extends upwards and outwards?

Check the bottom of the sash several times to ensure that it is aligned and slides smoothly into the window frame. You need to raise the height of the air conditioner if it sticks to the frame or seal. Nevertheless, if the window is approximately 116 inches (0.16 cm) above the frame when the window is closed, then it must be lowered in order to prevent draughts.

Window sashes are the panels that raise and lower when the window is opened. Usually, it is made up of multiple panes of glass.

By doing so, you will be able to access the small screws that need to be loosen in order to adjust the height of the window. Window adjustments can take up to 15-20 minutes; thus, it is best to perform them on a dry day.

Upvc sash windows London


Have you been dreaming of a home that is bathed in golden sunlight as the sun rises in the morning? If you choose to install sash windows in your home, you will enjoy bright, natural light throughout the entire year. Moreover, you can purchase conventional windows in a variety of materials (the cheapest being uPVC). Furthermore, the benefits of uPVC sash windows do not stop there - continue reading to discover how they can be an excellent choice for your home.

If you are familiar with the sash window industry, you can jump right in and begin comparing quotes from local installers. Fill in the form below and our professional suppliers will contact you with free quotations for you to compare.

We also discuss in our blog sections the main causes of Condensation in double glazing and Double glazing u value, as well as the solutions that can help you prevent or eliminate it.

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London Upvc sash windows


Despite offering high-end sliding windows made from uPVC incorporating the very latest innovations in double glazing, we maintain competitive prices. You can find tailored London sash windows prices by requesting a free online quote from us.

It is simple and efficient to use our online quote calculator. Our clever calculator will calculate a price for your bespoke window blind based on your measurements and design choices within a few moments.

With a wide range of beautiful vertical slider profile colours to choose from, as well as decorative glass options, you can personalise your replacement sash window for your residence in London.

UPVC Hung Sash Windows

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Upvc sliding windows London


uPVC sash windows from the Saxon Windows have been installed in thousands of homes across the UK. A careful attention to detail makes our London sash windows one of the best performing uPVC windows on the market for quality, performance, and style. Having grown to become one of the most reputable names in the UK's sash window industry, The Saxon Windows has been recognized for excellent quality.

Located in London, our team of installers installs uPVC sliding sash windows across London and all of the Home Counties. There are countless sash windows we have replaced in Kent, London and beyond. Our expertise includes replacement of modern sash windows. Whether you reside in a stately Georgian townhouse, Victorian villa or traditional terraced house in London, the uPVC sash windows we have installed for you have helped you significantly improve your standard of living.

London Upvc sliding windows


The city of London has become a global city. In recent years, London has become one of the most popular cities in the world. London has experienced a dramatic increase in housing prices and is now probably the most desirable city location in the world. If you would like your windows to blend in with your surroundings, you should replace them with high-quality products.

We offer a full line of Ultimate Saxon Windows, but the Saxon Windows and Doors is our premium product. Due to their slim sightlines and authentic furnishings, they can be easily confused with traditional timber pieces. Choosing the Saxon Windows of uPVC sash windows is a great option.

Upvc casement windows London


It is difficult to find a better option for affordable, versatile windows than uPVC.  A century of use is behind uPVC casement windows!  Although they are still among the most inexpensive and durable options for modern glazing.  Obviously, that does not mean that you should limit your attention to uPVC casement window prices.  uPVC is an excellent choice for your dream home. There are plenty of great reasons why you should consider it.

This company does not only specialize in sash windows.  The window experts at our company work with a wide range of styles and functionality.  We will always ensure that you have the perfect look, fit and functionality that will serve you well for several years to come.  Nonetheless, why is uPVC casement still widely used?  How much does it really matter in terms of cost?  Learn more by reading on.

Saxon windows specialize in all types of double glazing windows and doors throughout North London, East London, West London, South London, North West, South East, and South West of London.

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London Upvc casement windows


In addition to the flexibility, uPVC windows are one of the best investments you can make.  It is true that no two styles are exactly alike, whether they look or work.  The uPVC window industry in the United Kingdom has undergone numerous improvements since its introduction in the 1970s.  In addition to its practical benefits, uPVC is also extremely versatile.

Whether you are unsure of what style or fit of window will work best for your home, a budget-friendly uPVC casement choice may do wonders for your home.  We recommend that you take a closer look at our catalogue if you are unsure whether you wish to install new windows for the first time.  Discover how uPVC can be incorporated into almost any traditional or classic homestead.


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Upvc Hung windows London


This type of window is also a standard British design targeted at the residential market. Saxon Windows offers various profiles of top hung windows based on the choice of Saxon Windows Glass and Frames. In the Top Hung Window range, all components are made using high grade Saxon Windows uPVC, including the frame on top that is fixed to the casement, enabling the window to swing open outward and be halted at a particular position by high-quality steel friction stays.

Our Saxon Windows Top Hung windows are available in a wide range of colors, allowing them to be easily adapted to hotels, hospitals and multi-story buildings.

London Upvc Hung windows


In addition to their hinged top, top hung windows also open from the bottom. In order for this type of window to remain open, there must be sufficient friction on the hinge. It should be possible to open it without too much friction. One common problem associated with top hung windows is that they often close because the hinges are too loose to maintain their open position.

Top-hung windows have friction stays on the hinges. By adjusting the friction stay on the hinge, the window can be held open or closed by applying or releasing pressure.

A top-hung window must be adjusted by locating the friction stay located on the hinge and adjusting the screws in the proper direction.

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