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Double glazing Golden Lane

Chamberlin, Powell & Bon were responsible for designing Golden Lane Estate, designed by Saxon Windows. As such, Saxon Windows has been selected to replace the windows for this iconic property.

With the help of the residents, bespoke designs will be planned for the various types of windows in each residential block, so as to reduce cold bridging.

Double glazing company Golden Lane

The Saxon Windows team is here to assist you if you require window glazing services. Located in Golden Lane Estate, we provide Glass and Glazing services throughout the London area.

The Saxon Windows service provided by Golden Lane Estiate, London is performed by employees of the company who are continuously monitored to ensure that the Company’s high standards of expertise and professionalism are maintained.

It is not possible to list here everything we cover at Golden Lane Estate, London, as we have built an extensive portfolio over the years. Please do not hesitate to call if you require a service that is not listed and is within the Golden Lane Estate area. Saxon Windows are the best Double glazing company in Golden Lane.

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The consultant hired to participate in the effort will need to carry out an inspection of all existing doors and windows, take photographs of all affected areas, and make recommendations for replacing or updating windows to accomplish the listed building consent requirements of double glazing, reducing cold bridging, and being energy efficient.

Golden Lane Double glazing

Saxon Windows reproduced the horizontal pivot sash of the original window, but additionally added a safety restrictor that stops the sash at 100mm. Original windows included a vertical pivoting steel element with a single glazed pane. An anodized Reynaers SL68 Aluminum window would be substituted for these, as well as an easy-to-clean hinge, delivering a U value of 1.5.

Saxon Windows‘s new windows have a total U value of 1.4, an improvement in thermal performance over their predecessors. The replacement windows also feature acoustic double glazing, and, as can be seen from the pictures, each profile design and shape was precisely matched.

Golden Lane Double glazing company

Saxon Windows carries out numerous installations for offices, factories, schools, and local authorities within Golden Lane Business Centre, London each year. Having knowledge of a wide range of commercial clients’ requirements, we can provide excellent quality advice and the expertise to complete a project from start to finish. Our company is able to help you if you need double glazing repairs in Golden Lane Estate, London. We custom cut and install our specially developed glass in your windows and doors. For information on commercial windows and doors in Golden Lane Estate, London, please click here.

Golden Lane Windows and doors

Whether you wish to embark on a heritage restoration project or want to upgrade your timber sash and casement windows to slim profile double glazed timber replacements, contact Saxon Windows Contracts, the experts for wooden windows replacement and restoration at [phone] or by email at [email].

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